When my oncology doctor said ‘ With this chemotherapy your hair will fall down. Don’t worry. It will be back.’

I was not sure I should have cry or laugh. Because the doctor had not so much hair left, though he was still young.

So I went a wig shop and reserve a wig.

The shop said, if I wouldn’t need it, I could cancel. I chose the style, I could’t make by my original hair.

When the day came, I felt thousand little birds picking my hairs.

I went the shop, walked into private room. I asked the staff to shave my long hair and teach how to wear the wig.

I walked out the shop with new hair. On the way back, I poped over hair salon at Siam square for adding some detail on my wig.

No worry anymore.

I wore this wig for 5 months. Then I changed into very short style with  my lovely new-born hair. Now I use comb!

I also wore thin cotton scarfs in my skin head time. Much cooler.

I wore scarf, made up my face strongly with sexy outfits, high heel shoes. Sometime I just went with skin head. My friends said ‘Oh! Hot!’

Wig shop information. ‘Studio 404’

It comes from Japanese famous wig maker. From BTS Chitlom station, go skywalk, walk into Amarin Plaza, turn left. first corner. This shop is for ladies. On upper floor they have the shop for men and small private rooms for fitting and adjustment the hair. If you want other hair colors, you can order.