Self-practice is a part of my daily life. I love the moment, stepping on my mat. Quiet and alone.

I especially love Salamba Sirasana – Head standing. Stand on crown of the head. I do nearly everyday 10 min for watching everyday’s difference in me.

Upside down pose requires strength, balance and quiet state of mind.

They say back side is ‘Intelligence’, front side is ‘Emotion’.

Person who go front side more, logic doesn’t work, can’t see outside.

Person who go back side more, no marcy to oneself, can’t see inside.

We are struggling.


Yoga is not for showing off strange poses, but is for perfect balance between both side. The middle point is very narrow.

When wind blows, I lost the middle point, but my arms are support, bring me back.

My head is pot, anchor towards earth. My torso and legs are orchid shoots, glow up towards sky. Calm mind flowering above, look like nothing happened.