I’m not vegitarian. My condition is ‘eat what I really want to eat.’ Sounds not yogini?


When I was in chemotherapy, I didn’t have enough blood. Without aware I ate ‘blood card’ in a  noodle bowl. I felt it was surprisingly delicious!

After my blood coming back, I tried again. I learned it was not such a good. For getting Iron I eat spinach and Brassicaceae leaves often.


After the meal or the next day, I observe my condition. It answers whether I ate kindly to my body or not. If I felt deliciocs, mostly the condition goes good. When I am tired, I eat some meat. Next day my body is heavy, but get more energy. I eat carefully, considering  my needs at that time and next day’s schedule.

The problem is the image or memories ‘it must be delicious’. But actually it is not delicious. It is just illusion and habit.

Be wise and kind to our body.



Stir fried creamy spinach : upper photo

Ingedients; Spinach, salt,  A( yogurt, salt, pepper) B (sliced garlic, sliced almond, olive oil, salt), Cheese, chilli and garlic in olive oil

Blanch the spinach in salted boiled water. Remove into cold water. Drain and cut. Put it and A into food processer. Grind them.

Put B in small pan. Heat over medium law heat. Stair them until turning into golden color. Remove from the pan.

Place some cheese and pour spinach mixture in the hot pan.

When the cheese melted, remove on a plate. Sprinkle B and oil (option) on top.


Spinach in Ponzu-dressing : lower photo

Blanch the spinach as same as upper recipe. Drain ,cut it, place in a small bowl. Pour Ponzu-dressing. Sprinkle Katsuo-bushi (sliced dried Bonito) on it.