I went to Ringu Tulku Rinpoche Dharma talk at Ariyasom villa, titled ‘how to die gracefully’.


Our life is like whirl  at the surface of the river, makes shape for a while. Sparkly. When the energy  goes other direction,  loose shape, released into the flow of water.

Elements stay and make shape of our body. We are alive with energy flow. It is process. There ia no ‘me’ as a fixed existance.


Whirl can’t stay in the same shape.

When whirl starts lossing shape, you might be able to stair the water and keep the shape one more second. But you can’t grab and keep it. That’s silly.

When the time comes, it need to go. Undo the shape, release elements  into the  deep bottom of the river, tranquillity.


Dharma talk  info http://littlebang.org/