I’m not Vegetarian. I reduced meat because of digestive difficulity during chemotherapy.

I find my condition is much nicer. However I saw some Vegetarians, who do not much care about nutrition and just cut out the meat, look unhealty. It is funny to see the believe to be healty makes themself not. Be careful.


By reducing the meat, the first issue is protain. I eat lot of bean card. It’s easy to eat and digest.

These are Japanese bean cards in Tops Central Chitlom.

Left side : Silk-Tofu. Middle: Cotton-Tofu, Right : Deep fried Tofu.

When cooked soybeans are squeezed and filtered, they used to use cloth as filter. Silk makes bean card soft and smooth. Cotton makes rough but more bean taste. Silk-Tofu and Cotton-Tofu can be eaten without cooking, or with being cooked.


The most easiest is ‘Fresh tofu with Soy sauce and wasabi-mustard’.

Cut the Silk-Tofu and place mustard. Pour Soy sauce. That’s all.

Bean card salad

Cut Silk-Tofu and salad vegetables into one bite size. Place on the plate. Pour favorate dressing.

Bean card steak

Ingredients; Cotton-bean card, A(weak flour, salt, pepper), garlic, butter, oil, soy sauce, vegetable

Place a sheet of kitchen paper on the microwave plate. Place Tofu diagonally. Bring the corners of paper on the bean card for wrapping it.

Microwave it until hot. Keep it until cool down. The inside water comes out.

Cut Tofu and vegetable. Slice garlic. Sprinkle A on the both sides of Tofu.

Heat the frying pan on the middle-low heat. When it become hot, add butter, oil and garlic. When the garlic turns into golden color, remove only garlic.

Add Tofu and vegetables. When the bottom surface turns into golden color, turn over gentry by spatula. Add butter more, if not enough.

When everything is cooked, serve on a plate. Place the garlic on. Pour soy sauce.