I joined ‘one-day work shop’ with Chong Go Sunim at Korean Zen Centre.

It was lovely family-like atomosphere. I felt caring each others and relax with green lawn and bright color flowers. The Farang monk came from Korean, who has warm heart and ears for listening others.

There was walking meditation, Korean way. At first for a while I was puzzled because of the middle speed, like normal walking speed. We walked in a line, drawing big circle many rounds. I realized the difference.

When we sit down in meditation, we are struggling to sit upright without stress. Then our mind starts thinking, not in meditation state.

In this walking meditation, lower body keep moving automatically. Walking same place many rounds made me blind in lower body sensations and eye sight. I focused on stable place, my torso only, breathing and mind.

Chong Go Sunim said ‘Empty your mind’.

When I stopped walking, world turn into freshy bright colors. Red flowers. Blue sky.

People smiling.


Chong Go Sunim http://wakeupandlaugh.wordpress.com/

Mediation retreat http://littlebang.org/2010/12/16/bangkok-zen-a-one-day-workshop-february-19th-2011/