There is Obaku-san Manpuku-ji, meaning ten thhousand happiness temple near my Mum’s house.

I called the temple and visited there. A young monk leaded me to the meditation hall and gave instructions.


Stand with back facing the seat. Palms stacking on the chest.

Fold upper cusion once. Take off the shoes, place togather neatly.

Sit on folded cusion in Lotus or Half lotus position. Knees on the lower cusion.

Right hand on the heels. Left hand on it. Palms face up. Rise Thumbs up, touching tip to tip. Fingers make a circle.

Find balance. Straighten torso. Relax shoulders. Face forward. Tuck chin slightly. Look down the floor. Relax eyelids. Eyes ajar.

Breathe though the nose. With exhale, feel the place slightly lower than navel, Dan Tien. With inhale, release there. Breathe naturally. Be aware Dan Tien.

Count up the number of breath until 10. Then re-start from 1. Count the breath with observing  flow of breath.


Kept watching at a coner of  glay ceramic floor. Breath slowed down and became shallow. Watched inwards. Mind still.


Obakusan Manpuku-ji, Uji, Kyoto Japan  81-774-32-3900