Here another way. Miso, fermented soy bean paste. I cook Miso soup very often.


Miso has many variation, color and taste. Japanese regions have its own Miso. Saikyo-Miso is sweet and white. Hatcho-Miso is salty and red. Shinsyu-Miso is about middle.

In the super market there are some Miso. Some of them are only Miso. Some of them are mixed up with soup stock, which I don’t buy. If you buy the mixed one you might no need to add other seasonings.

Prepare the vege. Cut into one-bite size. My favorate is Tofu, Abura-age, Onion, Egg plant, Leek, mushrooms, green leaves, Wakame-seaweed, egg as you like. 

In a small pot, place Konbu-kelp 3cm long and cold water 300cc. Heat over lower middle flame.

Place Miso in a small bowl.

When the soup boiled up, one breath and take kelp out. Don’t boil it long. Change the flame into medium heat. This is basic clear soup.

 Add Sake 1Tbs, soy sauce 1tsp.

Add vege.

Take some soup into Miso bowl. Mix well till Miso melt down.

When the vege are nearly cooked, add Miso in the pot.

Boil up again. Take 3 breaths, take the pot out of flame. Don’t cook long after adding paste.

Serve the soup in small bowls.


Cook the soup with love. Enjoy hot soup and lots of veges with gratitude. It is kind to body and heart.


Left photo: Sake (back left), Light soy sauce (back right), Shinsyu-Miso (front left), Saikyo-Miso (front right)

Right photo: After I cook Konb-kelp as first flush, I put it in cold water for second flush. I add dried Shitake-mushroom sometimes. Keep in fridge. Cut the kelp like lines and cook this with other veges as simmer dishes. At that time the kelp is soft. Eat up!