In the restaurant, I often ask additional requests, when I order dishes. Ask change from meat to nuts.

‘Pomelo salad without chiken. But crushed Cashew nut instead, please.’

Nut has lots of protein, good fat and crunchy taste. You get more choices. Have fun!


Vege with Peanuts butter sauce

Ingredients; Vegetable (spinach, asparagus, broccoli etc), peanut butter, Pon-zu vineger

Cut the vege into one bite size.

Boil water over high flame. Branch the vege. Remove it into cold water in a few seconds and drain.

Stir peanuts butter and vinegar until mixed well.

Place the vegetable on plate. Pour the sauce on it.


Rosemary potato


Ingredients; Cashew nuts, garlic, olive oil, Potato, A(Rosemary, salt, pepper)

Put cashew nuts in food processer and crush in middle piece.

Slice garlic. Cut potato in one-bite size, with or without skin.

Place garlic and olive oil in small pan. Heat over medium flame. Cook until golden. Take garlic out. 

Add potato. Cover on. Shake the pan occasionally. On the half way add A.

When the potato is cooked, take cooked rosemarry out. Serve on a plate. Sprinkle nuts and garlic. Place green rosemarry twig on top.