Ayurveda says we are what we ate.

If I take caffeine after sun set, I can’t sleep. I don’t drink alcohol, but flower teas for good sleep.

Chinese rose tea

In a small pot, add some rose and a bit of rock sugar. Pour boiling water. You can make several flushs.

Sweet and sour.

Contain Vitamin C. Tone liver and spleen. Good for blood circulation, for wemen, people have high blood pressure.

I saw at Paragon ground floor in the supermarket behind veges.


Camomile tea

In a pot, add camomile flower and some honey. Pour boiling water.

Release the nerve. Has phytochemical.

I buy from King project or Golden place( See ‘Bye-bye Wig. Hello again comb!’). 1 package contains 5og, 60bahts. Very nice and fresh.

Drink flowers before bed. Sweet dreams are flowering.