In the evening I have a cup of roasted tea. Release the things happend in that day.


Houji-cha is raosted Japanese green tea, contains  few caffein. I can drink after sunset.

Put tea leaves in small pot. Pour boiling water. wait 5 breath. Pour in the cups until the last drop. Be able to make second flush, which no need to wait.


Pu-Erh tea.

It is fermented Chinese green tea, containing  few caffeine, preventing assimilation of fat.

Pour boiling water on tiny pot. Place tea leaves. Pour boiling water in. Place the cover. Pour again over the pot. Pour first flush in the cup for let cup warm. Pour boiling water in the pot. Place the cover. Pour over the pot again. Throw the first flush from the cup. Pour the first tea in the cup. Tea can be made 5-6 times. The more make, the longer waiting time is.


In my palms, there is a cup of hot tea.  After every sips, take slow exhales with undoing the knots in my mind.

Today is finishing. Tomorrow is another day. No worries for now.