Some people say ‘how beautifully done is up to not only hospital treatment, but also own efforts, massage and movement practice.’ So I did breast massage after first operation.


My implant is smooth round gel. I chose soft implant for my arm movement freedom. My doctor made space behind chest muscle, like a bag, and insert the implant there.

The bag was a bit bigger than the implant at first. Until it settled down, it could move for a while. That was important time. I needed to massage my breast for keeping it at correct place.

This is the way I did. Everyone is not same. It might suit to others or might not.


When I take bath and be relaxed, do massage. Check the implant place at first, whether it need to be moved. Massage the breast from center to all direstion.


Inhale. Place finger mounts on the breast  near the center.

Exhale. Drag the skin towards one direction (yellow).

Keep the skin draged, push the implant opposite direction (blue).

So the implant moves a bit to one direction (blue).

Do all directions one by one. Finish in the direction, which implant need to move towards.


The gentle pushing and pulling  help flatten the scar. They also say draw small circles on and along the scar by finger tip with olive oil or Vitamin E powder ( make tiny hole on the capsule, put on the fingertip) is helpful.


Love own boob by own efforts. We survived together.


About practice for smoothing scar   Pamela Ferguson