Tadasana is the name of yoga pose, most simple and basic of all poses. When I started yoga, feel easy and pointless, but now truly deep pose.


Stand straight.

Inside feet touching each other. Legs straight. Draw knee caps up. Push Thighs back.

Tailbone points heels. Elongate side chest. Roll shoulder back. Open chest.

Arms along body. Fingers point down.

Elongate side neck. Chin horizontal. Look forward.


These are basic discription for Tadasana. Standing straight with stability is actually so difficult. There are more and more details.


Why so complicated?

Because we tend to have tilt head, un-natural curve at spine, tilt and slid hip, bent and rotated knees, flat feet. They come from looking nice, habit, laziness, tightness, body shape and just no awareness.


Standing postiure has influences on body and mind.

In Tadasana, I think about standing Buddha. Feet are grounded to the earth. Whole body is straight, elongated and relaxed in same time. Face is calm.

Perfect balance.

Yoga is from dualism to unity. From forward and back, right and left, up and down, to be in the center of time and place.


When stand straight and find strength at back side, feel openess and kindness in front side. Freedom in mind.