When I go to restaurant with my yoga friends, I have a duty to order foods. ‘Wing bean salad’ is everyone’s favorate. Called ‘Yam thua pu’.


It is Thai salad, generally contains wing bean, minced meat, sea food, chili, chili paste, coconuts milk. Spicy and creamy. Some place make vegetarian version.

In the dish there must be tiny green pieces, shaped like amoeba (without move). It has cruncy amd fresh flavor. That is chopped wing bean.

The bean has wings, has good protain, calcium, carotenoid, vitamin B1, C and dietary fiber.

Can be eaten in raw but a bit bitter. I like cook a bit in salt water. Sweetness comes.

Can’t be kept long. Very easy to turn into black.


I love wing bean salad, so create my own recipe, together with my favorates.

Ingredients; Egg, cashew nuts, wing bean, jelly mushroom,  A( coconuts milk, Nam prik phao, mayonnaise), nam prik gun siap (flavored dried shrimp), avocado, Lime, Nam plaa (fish sauce)

  1. Cook a hard-boiled egg. Put in a glass. Cut roughly.
  2. By Using food processor, crash cashew nuts.
  3. Mix A well.
  4. Boil water with salt. Branch wing bean and jelly mushroom. Cut into tiny piece and place on a plate Place dried shrimp avocado and egg too.
  5. Put 2 on frying pan. Heat it over medium flame. Shake occasionally until smell good. Remove it. Sprinkle on plate 4.
  6. On thehot pan 6, pour A. When it boiled up, remove from heat and pour on plate 4.
  7. Squeeze lime. Sprinkle fish sauce.


When you order in restaurant, don’t forget to say ‘Not so spicy please.’