Tiny lady monk – Bhikkuni Suvijjana ‘s voice was soft and pleasant, smile was bright.


There is a kitchen in the mind. Eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin get stimulus from outside. Inside they are transformed into emotions and memory.

Put a potato in oven. Bake it. Season it. Place in a plate and eat it. 

Potato itself is a round shape vege. Facts.

Whole potato or peel the skin?  Side of view.

There are many way of cooking, from high flame barbecue to slow simmering. Reception.

Sprinkle salt and papper, maybe rosemary or chilli powder? Emotions.

By seasoning taste is very differant. Do we like seasoning kindness or irritation? Up to me.

Watch the plate. Beautifully done or in a mess? It is myself.

Eat in hot or after cool down? Observation…if I’m not too hungry.


Delicious or bitter?


at Ariyasom Villa, Tharmma talk detail : Little bang