I love cooking root vege slowly and simply.  Only water, salt and roots over very low heat. Yes. It takes longer time, but brings out more sweetness. I add some flavor for favor.



Ingredients: Vegetable (Beets, pumpkin, carrot, potato etc), salt

Cut the roots into small pieces and put in a small pot. Add cold water till  just covering the root. Place over low heat.  Add salt. Cook until soft. Grind it by food-processer till smooth.


Roots cream

Cook water-salt-roots with rosemary twig. When the water is few, take off the twig and grind root.

Add a bit milk or cream or simply nothing as you like.

Serve in a cup. Place green twig on top, maybe pepper.

Enjot in hot or cold.

For pumpkin, I like raisin on top.


Root soup

In water-salt-roots, add milk or soymilk.  If add soymilk, put saikyo-miso(white and sweet) and some soymilk in a small bowl. Stir them until mixed well. Add in the pot.

Serve in a cup. Add pepper or cream or yogurt or mushed beancard as you like. 

Enjot in hot or cold.

Roots is nature. Low heat and time bring out it’s own taste, the goodness. Grounding. It’s worth to wait in care. Then we see.