It’s getting hottest in the year. Songkran is coming.

Songkran is Thai New Year. In hottest weather they splash icy water each other, which I did couple of years. That is fun.  There is another authentic way, which is pouring flowered water over other person’s palms gently for blessing.


In this season there is special delight, ‘Khao che’. But I never tryed it. My friend learned it and invited me for first trial.


In white rectangle bowl rice in cold water, floating ice, rose petals and jasmine flower. On long brown plate deep fried veges, beancard wraps and green mangos.

Over traditional lunch, we talked about cultural differences.

I was wondering about ‘Water’ and ‘Coldness’, which are very characteristic in Thai.

‘Water of heart’ means kindness. ‘Cold heart’ means calm mind, not ‘Cold-hearted’ in English. You might see many ritual with flowered water.

‘Cold water’ is goodness,  everyone can give and recieve each other.


About taste of ‘khao che’? It tasted pleasant, brought me ‘Cold heart.’

For First bite I tryed rice, tasted plane with slight jasmine fragrance. Then fried veges, then, rice. I was suprised.  In second bite,  rice was sweet and gentle.


We don’t know only from watching outside, after swallow couple of times, will see what it is. Just try things without pre-judgjment. Why not?


Photo at ‘Na Arun’ in Ariyasom Villa