Red sweet tomato is a very image of summer.

Tomato makes body cool down,  has various of vitamins, potassium and  phytochemical. In Thailand small ones are rather sweet for salad. I cook big fresh tomatos often.


Tomoto soup 

Make shallow cross cuts at the top and bottom sides of tomato.

Boil water in a pot over high flame. Add tomato. Cook until skin got loos. Remove to cold water. Peel the skin. Cut into pieces.

Put tomoto, Balsamic vinegar,salt, pepper and chili olive oil (garlic and chili in the oil too) in food processor. Grind until smooth.

Keep in fridge more than 30 min. Serve in a cup. Place herb and cream on top.


Tomoto avocado pasta

Put avocado, yogurt, salt and pepper in food processor. Grind until smooth.

Boil Angel hair pasta in boiling water with some salt and olive oil. Put in cold water and drain.

Place pasta. Pour avocado cream and tomato soup, herbs, fried garlic over.

Sprinkle olive oil or chili olive oil.

Chili olive oil (in photo bottle on right side)

Stir fry  a lot of sliced garlic in olive oil over medium flame. Add cut dried chili. Fry until garlic turns into golden color.

Put chili powder  in a glass bottle. Pour fried chili and oil in it. Add some new virgin oil until the oil covers the garlic. Stir and wait until cool down.


They say in hot weather we need to eat cool down food. In the same time eat some heat up food for making balance. Tomato is for cool down. Chili is for heat up.

Make good balance in body and taste!