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It’s getting hottest in the year. Songkran is coming.

Songkran is Thai New Year. In hottest weather they splash icy water each other, which I did couple of years. That is fun.  There is another authentic way, which is pouring flowered water over other person’s palms gently for blessing.


In this season there is special delight, ‘Khao che’. But I never tryed it. My friend learned it and invited me for first trial.


In white rectangle bowl rice in cold water, floating ice, rose petals and jasmine flower. On long brown plate deep fried veges, beancard wraps and green mangos.

Over traditional lunch, we talked about cultural differences.

I was wondering about ‘Water’ and ‘Coldness’, which are very characteristic in Thai.

‘Water of heart’ means kindness. ‘Cold heart’ means calm mind, not ‘Cold-hearted’ in English. You might see many ritual with flowered water.

‘Cold water’ is goodness,  everyone can give and recieve each other.


About taste of ‘khao che’? It tasted pleasant, brought me ‘Cold heart.’

For First bite I tryed rice, tasted plane with slight jasmine fragrance. Then fried veges, then, rice. I was suprised.  In second bite,  rice was sweet and gentle.


We don’t know only from watching outside, after swallow couple of times, will see what it is. Just try things without pre-judgjment. Why not?


Photo at ‘Na Arun’ in Ariyasom Villa

I love cooking root vege slowly and simply.  Only water, salt and roots over very low heat. Yes. It takes longer time, but brings out more sweetness. I add some flavor for favor.



Ingredients: Vegetable (Beets, pumpkin, carrot, potato etc), salt

Cut the roots into small pieces and put in a small pot. Add cold water till  just covering the root. Place over low heat.  Add salt. Cook until soft. Grind it by food-processer till smooth.


Roots cream

Cook water-salt-roots with rosemary twig. When the water is few, take off the twig and grind root.

Add a bit milk or cream or simply nothing as you like.

Serve in a cup. Place green twig on top, maybe pepper.

Enjot in hot or cold.

For pumpkin, I like raisin on top.


Root soup

In water-salt-roots, add milk or soymilk.  If add soymilk, put saikyo-miso(white and sweet) and some soymilk in a small bowl. Stir them until mixed well. Add in the pot.

Serve in a cup. Add pepper or cream or yogurt or mushed beancard as you like. 

Enjot in hot or cold.

Roots is nature. Low heat and time bring out it’s own taste, the goodness. Grounding. It’s worth to wait in care. Then we see.

Vrksasana means tree pose, growing from the earth to the sky.

I couldn’t this pose, standing on one leg, couldn’t find the balance for years.

Become a tree, not plank. Sole is rooted. Body grows up till finger tips. Vrksasana reqires grounding and strength.

By connecting into ground, be able to find the direction to grow towards. Stability.

By being strong, be able to grow upright, find center of body. Freedom.

Find calmess in mind, own worth. Then be able to be kind to the others.

When ‘Sakura’ blooms, Japanese too love it, go crazy. The cloud-like pink flowers bloom for only one week a year. It’s time for renunciation and courage.


In Japan school and business year starts from first of April. Sakura blooms around same time. Under pink cloud we part and meet. Sadness and expectation are mixed togerther.


Whatever happens, when the time comes, Sakura blooms blissfully.

In spite of how much being loved, when the time comes, Sakura flutter away gracefully.


Let go.  Then start new. Don’t forget the flutterd petals. Because of sadness, new green leaves are so beautiful.

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