My frined took me to Indian restaurant and orderd ‘Bhindi-curry’.  Immediatly I fell in love with it, Lady’s finger curry.

Lady’s finger has lots of dietary fiber, Vitamin C, mineral and beta carotene, which stimulate immune system. It helps the body cool down and digesting protain.


Vege with Lady’s finger and Tororo-Konbu

Boil water with salt. Blanch vege (like asparagus, broccoli) and lady’s finger. Or for eggplant, peel the skin and put it in glass container with sake and sesame oil. Microwave it.

Cut the vegetable into one bite size. Chop the lady’s finger into thin slice.

Place the vege in a bowl. Add lady’s finger. Pour the Pon-zu. Place Tororo-konbu on top.


Enjoy twinkle tiny stars dancing in your mouth!



Tororo-konbu is shaved Konbu-kelp, like cotton candy. (in right photo bottom package)

Pon-zu or Aji-pon is vinegar, which you can get at supermarket in Bangkok. Or you might make by yourself.


Put Konbu-kelp 3cm long (in saucer) and cold water 300cc in small pan. When it boil up, take kelp out. See protein issue 3

Add  rice vineger 50cc (left), soy sauce 50cc (middle left),Mirin 25cc (middle right), Sake 25cc (right). When it boils again, Take 5 breath. Pour into glass jar. Wait untill cool down. Keep in fridge.