As living in tropical country for long time, I love jelly-like-sweet more.

When I lived in Japan, I often ate the jelly-like-sweets in Summer.  Those come from not gelatin, from seaweed or roots powder, contain lot of water, make body cool down, bring relief with sweetness.

I find difficulty to get the same ingredient here. So I started experiments, found some way.


Tapioca pudding

Ingredients for 2 cups; Liquid 200cc, tapioca powder 10g, sweetness about 60g, additional

For example : Milk + maple syrup or honey / Soy milk + sugar + matcha(green tea powder) / Coconuts milk + palm sugar


Put all of the ingredients in a pot. Mix well.

Taste a bit. It must be a bit too sweet. Because when it cool down, we feel less sweetness.

Heat over middle heat. Keep stiring from the bottom. Don’t stop. It will not take long time.

When it starts become gravy, remove from heat. Keep stiring until it becomes smooth and thick like potage soup. No need to become solid.

Pour into cup. Wrap it and keep in fridge.


When it cool down, it is not solid, not liquid. Something in between.


In the photo, these are soy milk+green tea and milk + ginger honey, which my friend taught me. It is mixture with honey and sliced ginger, which can be made into good drink with lime squeeze and hot water.