I got a message from Claudia, who is my frined taking radiation treatment.


That safes my breast from drying out and getting itchy during radiation treatment!

BIAFINE Emulsion (from France)

This is a must for everyone that is getting breast radiation treatment.

Just make sure you don’t put the cream on the markers otherwise they will fade away.

Just put the cream in between on the affected tissue and you can massage very very gently into the skin or just leave it on and the skin and it will absorb in a few minutes.

Can also put on the nipple, a lot.

Put the T-shirt after cream is absorbed from the skin. Use the dark colour T-shirt.

You can do several times after the radiation treatment and over night and then take shower in the morning.

Do not use before radiation treatment only after.

Good luck                                     Claudia


BREASTCANCER.org recommends other cream such as A&D, Eucerin, Aquaphor, Radiacare and Aloe vera gel.

You can get Aloe vera gel in Paragon super market. It is sold on left side counter behind veges. Or in Golden place super market in Silom CP tower Basement floor.

If you go 100%natural, you might use olive, coconuts, camellia oil.

Whichever way, please do not erase the markers and be careful of skin condition. By treatnment skin is very sensitive.

Keep your skin comfortable and beautiful!