There is other type of jelly-like sweet. From Agar. It is made from sea weed, has no-calorie. 5g Agar per 250-350cc liquid makes a bit solid, per350-400cc makes between solid and liquid.

Crystal balls

Ingredientsfor 10 pieces;  fruits (Mango, Grape, Litchi, Berries, Pears etc), A(Cooked red bean, barley, water chestnuts, sold in local jelly shop), agar 4g, sugar 80g, water 200cc

Cut fruits into small balls.

Put Agar and sugar in a small pan. Add cold water little by little. Stir well.

Place the pan 3 over medium heat. Stir gently.

When the agar and sugar is melt and boiled up, remove from heat.

Put the jelly in 10 small bowls. Half amount first. Add fruits and A. Then put the rest of jelly.

After cool down, keep in fridge.


Agar makes shape in in room temperature and doesn’t melt.

So I make present occasionally.

2 fish with eggs (ball-like cut mangos) for ‘Just married couple’.

Wish they are side by side all the way.