In Japanese language ‘I’m sorry’ is used very often.  Very often it means ‘Thank you’.

When I started speaking English, I often said ‘I’m sorry’. Others said to me ‘? You are not sorry at all.’ ‘Ooops! I mean thank you’. 


In Thai language ‘Give me punishment’ means ‘I’m sorry’. This words include the system which  being said ‘Never mind’. The parson who is apologized should forgive immediatly.


In whatever languages, 

some times we are said and  need to say ‘I’m sorry’.

Maybe only words for avoiding problems.

Maybe in habit of saying.

Maybe from review.

Maybe from regret.


The words being sayed often bring lighter meaning.

The words without feeling bring opposite meaning.

Can be seen.



I want to say ‘I’m sorry’ from the bottom of heart, when the words are needed.

I want to be mindful. Then no one need to be sorry.

I want to thank more.