Today too, I will buy a heavy big Atemoya at a fruits shop on the way back from yoga studio. Will bring it to my place and need to wait.

When it’s ready, I peel the skin one by one, pick the seeds. Under the skin there are sweet creamy pulp and brown fine crisp. Crumble in raw!


Atemoya is a hybrid of Sugar apple  and Custurd apple-cherimoya.

In Bangkok Sugar apple and Atemoya are sold. They look similar. In the shop both are called ‘Noi naa น้อยหน่า’.

Sugar apple is smaller. It’s skin is clusterd. Atemoya is bigger. it’s skin is like lizard’s skin.

Sugar apple tastes super sweet, is really like sugar or ice cream. It’s pulp is also clusters, having seeds inside.

Atemoya tastes sweet and a bit sour with fragrance. The pulp is massive.

When these are sold, they are not fully ripened yet.   Need to wait in room temperture until skin get black spots and very soft. Then keep in fridge. Eat in 2-3 days.

Atemoya has low calorie compairing with its sweetness, is rich in Niacin and Iron.


Its is seasonal fruits for only one month. Don’t miss it!