What is your request as a Japanese treat, my friend?

One of the most frequent answers is Japanese-pizza ‘Okonomi-yaki’.

Ok. I lived in a town where it is their soul food.


Japnese-pizza ‘Okonomi-yaki’


A (dried shiitake mashroom, Katsuobushi-shaved dried bonito), Dried Konbu kelp

B (cabbage, Japanese leek, abra age-fried thin bean card, Chikuwa -roasted minced fish cake, bean card )

C (salt, cake flour, baking powder, egg)

Sea food

D (Okonomiyaki-sauce, mayonnaise, aonori-green seaweed, Katuibushi-shaved dried bonito)


Grind A in food prossessor till it become powder. Cut kelp like needles.

Chop all of B. Place in a big bowl. Add some cake flour. Mix well.

In a small bowl place A, kelp and C. Add some water and mix well.  Thickness is like crape mixture.

Pour the mixture  into big bowl. Mix well.

Heat a frying pan over middle frame. When it gets hot, add some oil, sea food and the mixture. Cover it.

The bottom surface turns brown, turn over. Cover and wait until both sides become golden color.

Serve on a plate and sprinkle D.




Not only sea food, you can add whatever you like.

Add goodies over our soul. Delicoius life!