When I finished all of the breast cancer treatment, the first thing I thought was ‘Oh! I no need to decide heavy issues.’ I was really released.


We occasionally must decide important issues by ourselves.

Be given many different advices, find thouthands of imformations. Conditions are not same. Can’t copy. Get headache. Fall into confusing.

Love ones encouragements are very impotant. But they are not me.

Need to find own decision.

I see omen, when I stop thinking important issue. I see some normal thing but can’t withdraw my eyes. The meaning come up to my mind. Many times the meanings are unpleasant.


It is not super nature.

By thinking a lot, I know the answer at the depths in my mind but don’t want to accept.

The omen is just reflection. I see it and realize my answer.


Can ignore. Can accept. But can’t get away from myself.


Instead of seeing omen,

Sit down upright.  Close eyes.  Breath calmly. Stop thinking.

Then the answer might be there.


Photo by Joseph