Bhikkuni Ani Zamba, Tibetan nun, gave several Dharmma talks. I luckily listened some of them.

She has lively strong eyes and voice, survived hard life with smiles on her lips.

World is not rigid, keep moving. Our view of world is filtered by our receptions, twisted by our thought, is just our illusions.

We are riding on the waves of the illusions and keep judging good and bad, feeling happiness and sadness, like a fishing float on the surface of water.

The float with anchor moves just up and down, is in the same place.

The float which losts anchor goes somewhere.


Stand staright.

Step feet apart into wide stance.

Turn leg and feet.

Extend arms horizontally.

Extend torso to one side.

Turn torso. Look up.

Utthita Trikonasana, triangle pose.


All through these movements, watch the center of gravity, right under heart center.

As long as I keep firm anchor, my soles and legs, the center of gravity and my heart move togather.

As center is still, mind is still.


Whatever wave comes, she smiles. Great!


Lower photo by Kalen Lee