The last day of 2 years and half  Iyengar teacher training course I brought mixed grains rice balls for my friends.

Every kind grains have another tastes and nutrition, are mixed into a ball.

Go togather very well!

Germinated rice and soak-over night-grains take long time to cook. After the meal, I devide the rest of  rice into one meal amounts and freeze them.

Busy day I cook them into other dish.

Mixed grain porridge

Put freezed rice, salt with water in pot. Heat over middle flame. stir gently.

Serve in a bowl. Place seaweed.

Mixed grain risotto

Defrost freezed rice. Cut veges into small piece. Slice garlic.

Place garlic and olive oil in non-stick pan. Heat over medium flame.

When garlic turn into golden color, take out.

Add uncooked grain, veges. Stir for a while.

Add water just enough amount for covering the surface. Stir occasionally.

Keep adding water for covering food. Keep boiling like porridge.

When the grains and veges are nearly done, add defrosted rice, salt and pepper, bean card.

Serve on plate. Place veges and girlic on top.  


Enjoy taste of each grain,  taste of all togater, beautiful harmoney.