In Thailand there are many kinds of mangos being sold.


I usually buy ‘Nam dok mai – nactar’ mango.

Both skin and plup are yellow. The taste is very sweet.

Nam dok mai is the kind which is eaten with sweet sticky rice and coconuts cream, called ‘Khao niao mamuan – Mango sticky rice’.

I sometimes buy it at famous mango shop ‘Mee Vari’ at the corner of Sukhumvit soi 55 – Thong lor

on the way back from yoga practice at Iyengar studio.

Oh! It’s high calorie but ok after hard work, you know!


Mango is rich in Vitamin A, which stimulate immune system, has anti-cancer effect. It also has Vitamin C, means it help hearthy skin and anti-aging.


I love Nam dok mai as breakfast with Muesli and yogurt. If it is too big and I can’t eat up, I freeze and eat it like ice lolly.


There is another kind of my favorate mango, called ‘Kiao moragot – Emerard green’ mango.

The skin is fresh deep green. Taste is sweet and a bit sour. Pulp is fresh orange color. Near the skin is crunchy. Inside is chewy. Sweet fragrance.

 It’s never last long for me. If I buy at the middle of street, at the end of street I eat up!


Tropical jewels for body.  Enjoy sweet life.