My friend gave me a tiny bottle. Pure camellia oil was in it.

Camellia blooms the end of winter. It is sometimes covered with snow,  waiting spring gracefully.

Knowing I got chemical allergy after chemotherapy, she introduced this as skin moisturizer. It is refined from camellia trees in Japan, stimurates increasing collagen inside of skin.


It is also good for the skin in radiation treatment. During the trearment, skin need to be moistured for comfort and beauty.  Be careful not to erase the marker on the skin.

Only a tiny drip of oil covers all over face and neck. I no need to buy chemical lotion and cream any more.

Treating cheeks with gentle rubbing brings calm mind and love to ourselves. That is something easy to be forgot.  


You can get  at Sareerarom spa at Thong lor (Sukhumvit soi 55) soi 10 right side.