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I love simple pasta, aglio olio e peperoncino with dried tomato and chili.

Boil water with salt and a bit of olive oil. Cook pasta.

In a pan place sliced garlic and olive oil. Cook over medium flame.

Add cut dried chili and dried tomato out from oil. Stir fry until garlic turns into golden color.

Sprinkle salt, papper. Add pasta. Serve on a plate. Sprinkle shaved cheese.


Dried Tomato in oil and Chili olive oil

Cook 2 glass small bottles.

Slice tomato and dry. Or get dried tomato. Cut into tiny pieces by kitchen scissors. Pour dried tomato and pepper seeds into one bottle.

Pour chili powder and cut chili in another bottle.

Slice garlic. Stir fry a lot of sliced garlic in rather big amount of olive oil over medium flame. Fry until garlic turns into golden color.

Half of the oil is poured into dried tomato-bottle.

Rest of oil and garlic are poured into chili-bottle. 

Add some new virgin oil into both bottles until the oil covers the ingredients.

Stir and wait until cool down.


Both of them are often turned into salad dressing with vinegar, salt and pepper, or added on pasta, bread as flavor.


Sweet and sour from tomato. Spicy from chili.

Taste of tripical Sun!


My friend posted her status in her facebook on 17th January.


17 years passed after Hanshin-awaji earthquake, in which 6434 people passed away.

At that time I was elementary shool girl far from there.


Last year me and my friends who suffered from the disaster performed Japanese drum session in front of a station where got severe damage from it.

Having seen many audience tearing, first time I really realized how terrible suffer they are going though.


This year I quietly pray for peace in all over the world.

Peace of the people who passed away

Peace for the people who keep walking with hope in spirit.


Beat the drum with her small hands.

Send her heart beat, encourage in walking forward.

Walk togather. Pray together.


I cought a cold, felt lazy to cook.

Open frezer. Take out brown rice and dried veges which I frozen the other day.

Place Konbu-sea kelp and cold water in a pot. Heat over middle flame. Add Sake, Mirin and soy sauce like noodle soup but lighter taste.

Add frozen rice and dried veges, carrot, pumpkin, mushrooms. Stair gently.

Cut some green veges and deep fried sliced beancard in one bite size. Add it.

When everythings are cooked, serve in a bowl. Place Nori-seaweed on top.


Be careful tongue get burned. Warmth from the Sun go into whole body.

Will get well soon.


Before going out for holiday, check my fridge. Many veges are still in.

I need to eat up. I don’t want to waste their lives!


Most veges can be dried.

Slice into one bite size thin piece.

Dry in the tropical Sun next to washed clothes.


Half dried veges for stir-fly.

Enjoy cruncy taste.

Full dried veges for soup.

Enjoy veges absorbing soup.


Sunset comes, bring into room

or put in plastic bag, keep in fridge or freezer (last long).


Come back from holiday. I cook home meal with full of veges.


Taking view away from a book in cool evening, I feel missing something.

Close the book, walk towards kitchen.

Warm a cup of milk. Sit on a sofa.

Stir milk with cinnamon stick with brown rock sugar.

Warmth inside my palms, thinking my friends who gave this sweetness.

Ready to go to bed. Sweet dreams are waiting.


Traditional Japanese meal is composed of 1 soup, 3 dishes(or 1 dish) and rice bowl. 3 dishes are composed main dish and two side dishes with different way of cook.

From cooking side of view, it is lots of work to prepare small side dishes. For saving energy, when I prepare veges, I do more than for that meal, prepare for side dishes for the other days.

Most often I cook the rest of veges into Japanese pickles.


veges bathing in soup

Prepare veges. Cut veges like tomato. Blanch veges in salted boiling water like spinach.

I like slice pumpkin and mix with salt for a while. Squeeze it.

Place in a bowl with cold noodle soup.


Instead cooking noodle soup,

Put Konbu kelp in a teapot, pour boiling water, get clear soup. Add  tick sweet sauce. Wait until cool down.


Pour noodle soup. (Noodle soup has two kinds. One type is used directly. Other is used with water)


Small treats are mindful way of life. Offer kind words to the people around us. Life is pleasant.


Traditionaly New Year day is the most important turning points of the year in Japan. Every one get one age elder on that day, not own birthday.

For celebration birthday together, we  prepare spacial food boxes. In the boxes there are many kinds of food which has lucky meaning. Family bless each other and have together.

Last year only Mum and me. Still we smiled each other  for being able to celebrate.


The next day I left home.

Mum handed me a lunch box.


At the airport

I opened it waiting gate opened.

Mum put lucky foods in.


I tasted her love with tearing.

Wondering why I needed to go.


Need to go for making own life has something worth.

Wish every Mums be healthy and happy.


Happy New year !

Wish you all have good year

with smile on face peace in mind.


I have a bit beach break for holiday.

Due to Little bang’s meditation retreat at the studio on Wednesday 4th,

Dragon year 2012

Ristorative class at Ariyasom starts from

Tuesday 10th 11:30am.

secound week back to normal


See you!


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