Traditional Japanese meal is composed of 1 soup, 3 dishes(or 1 dish) and rice bowl. 3 dishes are composed main dish and two side dishes with different way of cook.

From cooking side of view, it is lots of work to prepare small side dishes. For saving energy, when I prepare veges, I do more than for that meal, prepare for side dishes for the other days.

Most often I cook the rest of veges into Japanese pickles.


veges bathing in soup

Prepare veges. Cut veges like tomato. Blanch veges in salted boiling water like spinach.

I like slice pumpkin and mix with salt for a while. Squeeze it.

Place in a bowl with cold noodle soup.


Instead cooking noodle soup,

Put Konbu kelp in a teapot, pour boiling water, get clear soup. Add  tick sweet sauce. Wait until cool down.


Pour noodle soup. (Noodle soup has two kinds. One type is used directly. Other is used with water)


Small treats are mindful way of life. Offer kind words to the people around us. Life is pleasant.