I love simple pasta, aglio olio e peperoncino with dried tomato and chili.

Boil water with salt and a bit of olive oil. Cook pasta.

In a pan place sliced garlic and olive oil. Cook over medium flame.

Add cut dried chili and dried tomato out from oil. Stir fry until garlic turns into golden color.

Sprinkle salt, papper. Add pasta. Serve on a plate. Sprinkle shaved cheese.


Dried Tomato in oil and Chili olive oil

Cook 2 glass small bottles.

Slice tomato and dry. Or get dried tomato. Cut into tiny pieces by kitchen scissors. Pour dried tomato and pepper seeds into one bottle.

Pour chili powder and cut chili in another bottle.

Slice garlic. Stir fry a lot of sliced garlic in rather big amount of olive oil over medium flame. Fry until garlic turns into golden color.

Half of the oil is poured into dried tomato-bottle.

Rest of oil and garlic are poured into chili-bottle. 

Add some new virgin oil into both bottles until the oil covers the ingredients.

Stir and wait until cool down.


Both of them are often turned into salad dressing with vinegar, salt and pepper, or added on pasta, bread as flavor.


Sweet and sour from tomato. Spicy from chili.

Taste of tripical Sun!