I frequently eat ‘Konjac’, even it has nearly no taste but squishy.

Konjak is made from a kind of root like taro, is Japanese authentic food.

97% of it is water. 3% is soluble dietary fiber – galactoglucomannan which restrains cholesterol, glucide and fat, cleans up inside of intestine.

It is sold as popular vegitarian food in Bangkok, has many kinds of shapes, rectangle, line, pink prown,white rice. I eat as fried or simmered. It need to be boiled before cooked.

Konjac steak

Boil Knojac for a while. Make a lots of cuts diagonally on both sides. Cut 1/6 from one piece.

Heat non-stick pan over medium low heat. Add sesame oil and Konjac.

Fry until both side become crunchy. Serve on a plate. sprinle soy sauce and chilli powder.

White steak is fried cotton beancard with Japanese musterd.

Kinpira – Sweet and spicy fried Konjac

Boil Konjac for a while. Make a cut fatter side of prown shape.

Cut veges (like lotus loots, carrot, egg plant, mushrooms) 

Heat non-stick pan over medium low heat. Add sesame oil and Konjac, veges.

When ingredients are cooked, add cut dried chilli, Mirin and soy sauce.

When ingredients absorb liquid, serve in a bowl. Sprinkle Ao-nori seaweed. 

Get nearly no calorie but full and cleansed tommy!