Hottest season has arrived!

Mangos are sweet. Sun is shining. Oh! It’s tropical!


I love lunch in cool shade. Having been sitting for a while, feel nice breeze.

How about cool noodle for lunch? Cool down body. Calm down mind.

Cool Udon

Cook clear soup. Mix with tick sweet sauce. Cool down. Keep in fridge.

Boil water in large pot. Add frozen udon (Japanse wheat noodle).

When it looks shiny, drain it. Cool down in cold water couple of times.

Place in a bowl with water and ice.  Serve the soup in small bowls.

Wasabi, sesame seeds, Nori-seaweed are beside. Add as you like. 

Maybe some veges togather. Enjoy cool taste.


When I feel lazy to cook,  go to famous noodle restaurant, Marugame-seimen. It’s newly opened at Rain hill on Sukhumvit soi 47. It’s reasonable price…if I don’t take a lot!