Each Japanese regions has own kind of miso. Kyoto, where was the capital from over 1200 years to emperor’s moving out to Tokyo, has Saikyo-west captal-miso.

Kyoto-people have it as New year miso soup. There is another way of cook. That’s my favorate.

Baked fish in west capital style

Sprinkle salt over fish fillet. Wait for a while.

Put Saikyo-miso(white and sweet) in small bowl. Add Mirin and mix well. Add mirin until creamy but still have shape. 

Place wrap film. Spread half of mixture. Place fillet. spread mixture over. Mixture cover the fillet.  Wrap tightly. Keep in fridge at least overnight. Maybe 2-3 days.

Take fillet out and cleanse it. Wipe it by kitchen paper. Dry it for a while.

Bake the fillet.


The miso is not seen on the dish, but brings fregrance of old city.

Sweet and elegant.