Next Thursday Bangkok Breast Cancer Support group hold an event.

‘Changing Lifestyles’

In the event Dr. Kris Chatamra gives a talk, answers questions. He is the most famous breast cancer doctor in Thailand. He cares the patients feeling, reserve the beautiful shape of brest as much as possible.

Dr. Jabu Munalula talks later. He is an Oncologist, talk about mindful way of treating our body for healther life.

I know him.

First time I met him in little Bang’s Dhamma talk.

He asked a monk about the attutude toward terminal cancer patient.

As a survivor I felt pain to listen but was impressed his way of talk.

Quiet and sincere.

Later I learned he writes a blog about Dharmma. 

I started talking with him.


I’d like to listen what he talk. Will be there.

How about you? Please.

9:30 Resistration

9:50 Welcome and Introduction by Khunying Finola Chatamra

10:05 Opening message by Dr. Kris Chatamra

10:35 Coffee break

10:45 Presentation by Dr. Jabu Munalua

11:30 Demonstration by Dr. Rani Phlaphongpanch

A lesson in Breast Self Examination

12:00 Closing