Again and again I tried to bake whole wheat muffin without white wheat.

But I couldn’t make a tasty one.

One day I asked my friend, a chef, how can I do.

He adviced a recipe with half whole wheat and half white wheat.

Keep 2 eggs in room temprature at least 1 hour.

Warm up the oven at 180 C.

Put 50g cold unsalted butter in food processor. Grind untill very smooth. This makes muffin soft.

Add 120g brown sugar and grind untill smooth. Maybe half change into maple syrup or honey.

Add one egg. Grind untill smooth. Add another and grind it.

Add 85g whole wheat flower, 85g white wheat flower and 1.2tsp baking powder. Grind untill smooth.

If it is not soft and moistured like mayonnaise, add yogurt or milk and grind again.

Pour into 8 cap cake molds. Bake 15-20 min.


‘Find the middle way’

Not too strict. Not too lazy.

Outside cruncy, inside soft. Heathy and tasty.

Life is not perfect but beautiful because of our discipline.