‘Easy peasy’ in Thai is ‘khruai khruai’ meaning banana banana.

Easiest task is like get a banana from tree, peel and eat.


My friend told me, how to peel Dragon fruits.

Really?  Oh yes! It is much easier.

‘I wanna change my life. But it is so risky, so unsure. How do you think?’

My friend asked me.


When the time comes, the change arrives as it self.

Can’t avoid. Every obstacles went away. Things goes suprising smoothly.

Realize it’s time to go.


The hard point is waiting until the time coming.

With keeping wish and paying lots of efforts, struggles.


Like fruits.

Giving water every day. Take care it every day.

Ether to much water, too less water kill the tree.

When the time comes, flowers start blooming.

When the time comes, fruits starts coming out.

Watch the correct timing to peel it. Learn how to peel it.

Easy and delicious.