In Rishikesh I practiced 6 hours a day except Sunday.

Now I’m in city. I don’t practice such a lot, but feel tired.


Weekday in Rishikesh

Wake up. Practice. Eat. Sleep.

Two cycle a day. That’s all.

Eat same place near the ashram or in guest house.

Maybe sometimes go to market for buy some veges and fruits.

Otherwise go nowhere.


No need to think.

Quiet my mind. Just listen my body.

Simple and blissful.


In the city

Many errands. Many interest. Many plans.

Busy schedules for every thing fit in.

At the end of day happy to done but tired.


Brain drives body, without listening.


Pull a cow in busy schedule. Might make result quicker, but not last long.

Let the cow walk in its way. Might result comes slower, but naturally.



Think cow’s walk. listen own body.