I applied Indian Visa, made reservation, asked my friends a lot of advice. Push Rupee, US dollar, food, sleeping bag, medicines and torch into my luggage.

Prepared as much as I can. Still keep asking myself. ‘Is there anything I forget?’

Departure day ‘Does the taxi come in time?’ ‘Is this correct gate?’ ‘Wouldn’t the flight delay?’ ‘Are my document and visa no problem?’ and so on and on…


Worry blooms one by one like garland.

Clear one worry, next one starts blooming.

Sometimes circling.


Stop watching flowers.

Observe the garland how they bloom.

Find all are caused by un-known reasons.


Un-known reason can’t be prepared.

Take the garland out from shoulders

leave it on God’s hands.


Prepare in best way.

Trust myself.

Face whatever I need to face.