‘Red and white’ is Japanese celebration color. Present red and white sweets is for sharing happiness.

In the heart of celebration sweets, bean paste is always.

Off cause red bean and white bean!

Red and White Mizu-manzyu

Bean paste ball

1. Soak red or white (lima) bean 300g in cold water over night in fridge.

2. Drain it. Put the bean in vacuum pot (I use Thermos Shuttle Chef) with 600cc water.

3. Place the pot over hight flame. Once it boils up, add 200cc cold water.

Re-boils up for 2-3 min.Drain and wash beans.

4. Put the bean back into the pot with 600cc water. Repeat 3 once more.

5. Put the bean back into the pot with 600cc water. Boil up again.

Place the inner pot into outer shell. Leave half day.

6. Boil up again and put in inner shell.

Do this 3 day 3 night until the beans become very soft.

The second day add 300g sugar and a pinch of salt.

For lima bean, when the bean’s outer cover coming out, take it out.

cooked red bean

7. Drain bean well. Put in food processor and grind it.

Make a small balls. It can be froze.

Put inside of jelly or cup cake. Or eat with ice cream.

Green tea flavor is recommended.


The soup from the red bean (the water at step 7, not 2 & 3) has nice flavor too.


Red bean ice candy

Mix the red bean soup, some cooked red bean and whipping cream.

Place into silicon candy mold (I bought at one coin shop). Place bars. Freeze it.


Happy me! Happy every one! Cheers!