‘I thought you were very calm person. Today you are so nervous.’ she said.

No. Original me was not. That is the reason I started learning meditation and yoga.

There is another way to calm down.


Turn mobile off. Sit on my chair. A bowl of soup is in front of me.


Cut veggie into small piece. In photo cauliflower.

Place veggie on the bottom of a pot. Add water in the amount just enough to cover the veggie. Heat the pot over low-medium frame.

Having boiled up, add salt ( and veggie soup stock, if you like). Turn the heat lower. Cook until soft.

By stick-blender or food processor, mash veggies into soup.

Add small amount of sesame paste, Saikyo-miso and some milk. Mix well gently.

In hot or cold, serve on a bowl. Pour a bit of cream. Sprinkle muesli and black pepper.


Taste a spoonful of soup. Taste the air inside of throat.

Taste of peace.