In Iyengar yoga body-alignment is described a lot.


Intermediate students,who start remembering ‘correct’ alignment, tends to come to poke other’s ‘mistake’.

Yes. They do it by kindness, sometimes help others.

Sometimes their ‘correction’ comes from their judgment by told-knowledge.


Even though it’s difficult to see from outside

I have one side implant behind chest muscles, which go longer way than another,

brings asymmetry in body and inner sensations.

I need to do some yoga poses in different way.

Even it looks not ‘correct’.



In Mr.Peter Scott‘s workshop

I was hesitate to do in ‘different’ way.

He looked and permitted me to do without being told my condition.

I was surprised and impressed

his judgment from observation.


No need to force ourselves into ‘correctness’

Find ‘rightness’ at our center.


Namaste Peter-ji.