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The very moment a word appears in mind, the beauty has gone into flat.

Can I wait a bit?


Like a short moment between inhale and exhale,

there is a short moment between we recognize it and label it.

The moment we put a label into a words, it looses its depth, its wholeness.


Breath mindfully. Observe the moment between. No control.

The moment gets longer by its own accord.

Be one with each breath and the moment.


Before word appear, be one with it.

Taste the depth of life.


Whether sit in water or not, see the water surface.

Water touch the skin from outside or inside with waving.



Leaves are floating over.

Thoughts are floating over.

See a leaf without touching.

It will flow away.


See the wave.

See the breath.

See the feeling.

Let them wave until quiet.


When water becomes transparent, find whole existence in invisible water.

Sit in tranquility.


Ahhhh… Bang!

During strong poses, someone gives up, fall down on the floor

with groan.

kids on the beach

Inhale brings oxygen, source of energy into lungs.

Exhale release carbon dioxide, in the same time energy penetrate into body.

Breath comes and goes all the time. But quality is not same.


In intense feeling, breathing is hash. Exhale doesn’t be released.

Long deep exhale release stress. With opening mouth and groan helps.

Release tense. But energy too.

Close mouth. Calm smooth exhale let energy flows into whole body and Sahasra

brings tranquility in active or passive body.


Observe the quality of breath

Let it comes and goes like smooth wave. Let wave energy penetrates into sand without stain.

Stay in strong pose with calm breathing.


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