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Nat’s class @Cocoon Studio Singapore schedule will be changed.

Tuesdays and Thursdays morning class is 10 – 1130am. No change.

Afternoon class is changed into 3-430pm.

See you!

Virabhadrasana 3

‘I wanna be a beautiful girl. Will I?’

She answers my question ‘why you come to yoga class?’

Oh well,,, I don’t know.


Yes. You will stand straighter, feel lighter. Blood circulation will be better. Skin will be brighter. Look fitter and younger. Feel stronger and confidence in yourself,,,

if you patiently, sincerely practice.


Unlike operation or medicine, yoga can’t change you immediately.

Unlike massage, yoga is not someone do for you.

Need to do ourself continuously.


Scent of rose

Study the current condition. Learn the way to be better. It takes time.

But that’s struggle brings wisdom which will not go away any more.

Sometimes old bad habit comes back. Aware it. Turn towards better direction.

That is yoga I love.


Become relax and free. Beautiful feeling.

No worry how the other think.

Am I a beautiful girl? No idea.


Wow! I made it!


I tried this pose and tried and tried, couldn’t make it.

Foot kept sliding down. Asked my friend where are the points to work.

Felt muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. Where was the tightness?


Hited the right place. It opened. Foot stayed behind.

eka pada sirasana edit


I’m happy not because I got new pose to perform

but because I made one more step for understanding.


Difficult pose without pain requires

more alignment, flexibility strength and stability.

It takes time. On the way to make it, feel and learn.

The described knowledge becomes understanding.

That is light. Light towards freedom.


Today one more small light.

Tomorrow another.

Half of life tide comes in. Another half tide goes away.


I’m on the shore, walking forward step by step.

Tide touches my feet, is going away slowly.

Tide takes my energy away gradually.



make effort, reenergize myself, keep walking forward.

More effort is required than before, which is natural.

Sometimes just standing same place requires effort. I praise myself.

One step forward. So happy.


Walk step by step. I see wider sky, smaller things on the shore, deeper my inside.


Walk until tide brings me away, the time for release gracefully.


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