‘Potted orchid blooms longer than cut orchid. After finish flowers dump it,

buy new one. No work. Cost doesn’t change much. But flowers are all the time.’

Yes. It might be true in Bangkok. But I don’t like this idea.


People keep buying flowers for decorate their garden looks nice.

Enthusiastic over intake the beauty. Flowers, outfits, cosmetics, food, saying.

Keep intaking. It looks beautiful.



Kaffir Lime

I invite new plants in my balcony.

Observe its nature, carefully choose place.

It adjust itself to the place and neighbor plants. They slowly make harmony.

Nurse them everyday. Find their growth everyday.

They thank me as fragrance, flowers, new born leaves according to their nature.

Yes. They are beautiful. The shine of life.



The photo is Kaffir lime. Lovely fragrance. New born leave are so soft.

Watch out small bugs on leaf. Don’t let them eat. I must be the biggest eater.