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Busy morning, I prepare lunch box.

How to fill this space? I need one more ingredients. Poke my head into the fridge.

Oh! Nearly every time.

chick pea

Love beans. But my digestion system doesn’t allow to have a lot.

Love fresh food. Wanna cook beans in small amount.

Food jar jumps into my view. Ok. I find a way.


Soak beans over night.

Pour boiling water in a food jar. Tight the lid. Warm up the jar.

Put beans, salt and water in a small pot.

Let it boil up. Add spice, herbs if you like.

Drain the jar. Pour the ingredients. Tight the lid again and wait.


Fresh cooked beans are awaiting as a small treats. Relax. Have coffee?


A puffy white cloud is floating in the sky.

‘I’m individual, travel by lovely wind, feel so free in vast sky, Wow!’

Moments later, melt into the sky. Only blue sky is there.


Is it gone?

No. Just it’s invisible as ‘a’ cloud. Tiny water drops changed the condition.

Came back into the sky.

a cloud

Look up the sky

Do I think ‘I’ am an individual? Or do I feel as a part of world?

Feel vast space, inner and outer world as one.

Nothing worry. Every thing comes and goes. Life flows as it is.

Just shine given-life at this moment. Be graceful puffy white cloud.


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