Why they say ‘good vibration’? What it means? Sounds wired.

My friend complains.

Well,,, you might think I’m one of those wired people. This is the way I feel,,,


in school we learn

All the things in this world is made of molecule, which is vibrating,

even the things we can’t see like air.


Like swimming makes ripples in the water, movement make ripples in the air.

Like warm palms warm cold hands, warmness-more vibration pass into lesser.


Voice-vibration reaches ears. We hear it as message.

Light-vibration reflecting off molecule reaches eyes. We see it as shape.

Surface of fingers reached the others surface. We feel it as shape.


Do ears hear all the vibration, wavelength sound?

Do eyes see all the vibration like ultraviolet rays?

Do fingers feel smaller molecule than finger-structure-morecule?


Our body might not the same size we think, might has outer layer or beyond.


Feel vibration which is unheard-able, invisible, untouchable.

Feel others vibration, healthy, unhealthy, happy, sad, worry, angry.

Feel my vibration with closed eyes. How it is?


May it be peaceful.